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Canon inkjets are known to produce excellent images and work at speeds faster than their rivals. Among the best models with the cheapest ink cartridges are the PIXMA and Maxify series. They are likewise inexpensive inkjet printers for home, office and business needs.

What are the Best Canon Laser Printers with the Cheapest Toner Cartridges?

Are you looking for a reliable and low cost supply of Canon printer ink and toner cartridges? Find the best compatible/remanufactured ink and toner cartridges for your Canon Inkjet or Laser printers at YoyoInk, where you can buy in single packs or multi-packs at an affordable cost!

Canon refills, whether dye or pigment inks, are guaranteed to produce good printouts in jet black and stunning colors. You can be assured of high quality color rendition and long lasting prints for photos or documents.

Couple quality inks with budget-friendly prices from us, you can cut operation cost for your home, office and business printing. Plus, our friendly customer service, seamless order fulfillment services and additional membership deals and discounts will surely make your printing experience more fun!

Why ?

Top quality Remanufactured

Premium Quality Inks for Popular Printers in the Canon Pixma, Maxify, and i-SENSYS Series

For your everyday printing needs in your home or office, you can find Canon printer ink cartridges the best in the market. Our extensive options of compatible inks for PIXMA, MAXIFY, imageClass, i-SENSYS, imageRunner and many more. To make sure you get the most updated products, we frequently update our portfolio with the latest Canon printer inks and toners.

Optimized printing experience with high yield and multipack options

Durable & Earth-Friendly Remanufactured Canon Printer Ink & Toner Replacements

All our remanufactured Canon printer ink and toner replacements are recycled, professionally refurbished, and quality inspected to ensure seamless printing quality. We offer a 2-year warranty on all our cartridges. Plus, when purchasing remanufactured ink cartridges, you also help the environment by reducing landfill wastes.

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Print More for Less with High Yield & Multipack Black and Color Ink Bundles

Our multipack cartridges are your budget-friendly options for home and business printing, requiring lots of pages per month. You can print more pages than using standard yield cartridges and guarantee hassle-free printing operations. With lesser cost per page, our 2-in-1, 5-in-1 or 10-in-1 ink bundles are your most economical choice when printing in bulk.

2 Year Warranty

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Before you find and buy ink and toner cartridge replacements for your Canon printer, here’s a guide we’ve put up to help you pick the right ink.

But first, take note of the following:

  • Pay attention to your printer manual
  • Look for the printer model
  • Look for ink cartridges where you can get the SAME QUALITY as the original brand at 50 to 75% off the price.

To check the ink levels on your Canon printer, do the following:

  1. Open the Canon Status Monitor.
  2. Click the Maintenance Tab, where you will be taken to view the Printer Status.
  3. Here, you will see the ink levels on your printer.
  4. Should you need additional information on your ink cartridges, please hit the ‘ink detail’. Here you can find the amount of ink available in your Canon printer.
  1. Click the “File” menu then “Printing Preferences.”
  2. Click the “Maintenance”, then you’ll see the “View Printer Status” button. Click it.
  3. You will then see the toner levels on your Canon laser printer.
  4. Note that when you see the “!” symbol, it means your toner level is low. This also means you need to buy a new toner.
  5. When you see an “X” symbol, this means your tank is empty and you need to replace it immediately.

You will need the printer model of your Canon printer so you can determine which ink or toner you need. The model number would be viewed on the top or front of the device. For Canon, it’s typically beginning with 2 to 3 letters. Example, it can be iP, MP, MF, MX, MG, MB, or LBP. These characters will then be followed by numerals. 

Upon finding the model number, you can key it in our ink search bar. Then you will be automatically led to a number of affordable options for ink/toner cartridges for your Canon printer.

If you own a Canon inkjet printer, you may have noticed that their inks have either a “PGI” or “CLI” at the beginning of the cartridge name. Canon labels their ink cartridges in this way to reference the ink type inside a particular printer cartridge.


The PGI is a pigment-based ink which is suitable for printing documents. It provides pitch black text and sharp output. Our PGI-220, PGI-225, PGI-250, PGI-270 and PGI-280 XXL are examples. 


“CLI” is short for ChromaLife, a special dye-based ink from Canon. This type of ink brings stunning and vivid colors, which are suitable for photo printing.  It’s also more affordable than PGI, but is more prone to smudging. Prints will have a useful life of 25 years.  Our Canon CLI includes CLI-221, CLI-226, CLI 251, CLI-271 and CLI-281.


This is a pigment ink that’s packaged in a set (3 or 6 per set)


A type of dye-based ink, with “e” pertaining to “enhanced”.

Canon toner and ink cartridges may be selected according to the page yield you need. The page yield lets you know how many pages a single cartridge can print. You can either choose a Standard Yield, High Yield or Extra High Yield.

  Standard Yield High Yield Extra High
Page Yield Approx 200 to 1,660 Approx 400 to 4,710 Approx 600 to 9,140
Symbol XL XXL
Cartridge Name Example Canon PGI-280 Canon PGI-280XL Canon PGI-280XXL
Cost $ $$ $$$
Application Home, Personal Home Office, Small Business Businesses and Enterprises
  • A Standard Yield is a standard serviceable amount of pages you can print. These inks are suitable for low to medium users of inks. 
  • For High yield, you can print more pages than the standard yield. This usually adds about 50% or more pages than the standard yield inks
  • Extra High Yield has more ink, but relatively cost more. They are used for printing heavy volumes.

Below are time-tested ways to reduce inkjet printing expenses:

  • Choose to print in draft mode whenever you can.

    Test pages, editable scripts and privately-read reference materials do not have to be printed in normal or best mode.

  • Remember that printing in black and gray is cheaper than using color.

    For printouts that do not need to be in full color, such as help-wanted ads, news clips, and sketch maps, black ink is always more economical than color ones. Save your MX920 ink for artwork or client presentations.

  • Remove non-essential logos, pictures and ads from your documents.

    If you have to print the content of a website but need only the text, you can go about this by switching to their printer-friendly version or saving the page in text form before printing. This way, your Canon printer ink can have extra mileage.

  • Consider using a different font.

    The Arial font is a reliable, all-around lettering style. However, fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri and Century Gothic consume less ink than Arial. Think about that the next time you use your Canon printer.

  • Make sure that “empty” cartridges are really empty.

    Poorly maintained print heads and settled ink may cause the printer to go off with a “cartridge empty” warning signal even though the cartridge is still not completely drained of its contents. Regular cleaning of the printer and gently shaking the ink may remedy the problem.

  • Consider promo deals the next time you shop for ink.

    Remanufactured ink cartridges save you a ton of money. Larger cartridges like the PGI 250XL and PGI 251XL can make printing cost-efficient. Promo deals on remanufactured ink cartridges help you further lower costs.

Here are some of the most common FAQs about Canon Printer Cartridges. For more questions, please go to our main FAQ page or contact us.

No, they do not. Canon makes inks of variable compositions and properties for different types of printers. Similarly, specific Canon ink cartridges, like the PGI 250XL and PGI 251XL, may be compatible with multiple printers, but not all.

The Canon PIXMA uses Canon PG-540 Black and Canon CL-541 Tri-color cartridges. Our compatible Canon PIXMA ink cartridges like the Canon PGI-225 / CLI-226 XL, serve as suitable substitutes for the original Canon PG-540 Black and CL-541 Tri-color cartridges for your Canon PIXMA printer. Check out our compatible Canon PIXMA cartridges.

Yes, you can. Compatible ink and toner cartridges are cartridges manufactured by third party companies. These devices are created from new parts that are compatible with your printer model but not from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

This information is usually indicated on the printer’s box and package inserts or given to you by the Canon printer store. You can also go to our ink finder, key in your printer model, then you will see suggested inks for your specific printer series and model.

Despite the numerous Canon PIXMA cartridges with similar sizes and shapes, Canon PIXMA cartridges aren’t interchangeable. Every printer cartridge is designed to work with a series of printers. If the printer or ink cartridge manufacturer doesn’t list the unit as compatible with a certain printer, then it would not work on such a printer.

Cartridge colors, also, aren’t interchangeable. For instance, if your printer uses black, yellow, cyan, and magenta cartridges, you can’t change cartridge colors with your printer. A cyan cartridge won’t work inside a black cartridge slot.

There is an access door over the top front of your Canon printer. Find and open the access door – this will allow you to check your installed toner cartridge’s status or remove them. If your print quality declines because of missing or faded colors, you can replace the empty toner cartridge with a new one.

Usually, you can gain access to the printer’s toner cartridges by putting your hand beneath the printer’s top panel and lifting it.

There are two ways you can unclog your print head nozzles. You can do it automatically or manually.

a. Run the Canon printer's automatic cleaning function

Please refer to your printer manual to do this correctly. You should do this 4 to 5 times. If you don’t have your manual with you, you can refer to this Canon PIXMA manual on cleaning printhead nozzles automatically.

b. Cleaning Printerhead Manually

  1. Remove the ink cartridge carefully and put them in a container with warm water.
  2. If you incur serious clogging, you would need to dab the nozzles with a cotton bud soaked in warm water first.
  3. Remove the cotton bud when you see the ink flowing out in the water.
  4. Use a paper towel to gently dry the nozzles.

If your printer does not recognize an aftermarket cartridge, it might be due to the cartridge chip being labeled as empty before being remanufactured. In this case, you would just need to press the STOP/CANCEL button for 5 seconds. This lets the printer bypass the message of “ink ran out”. After this, your cartridge should work fine.

There may be cases wherein the Canon PIXMA printer does not recognize compatible or remanufactured Canon PIXMA ink cartridges. There are a number of tricks that you can try once this happens.

  • First, you can try removing the cartridge and carefully wiping its electrical contacts with a lint-free cloth or clean paper towel. This will help remove the residue and dust that may be hindering the printer’s electrical contracts.
  • If the first trick doesn’t work, try pulling out the unrecognized cartridge, and turning off the machine’s power and unplugging it for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Plug and turn the printer ON again and reinstall the cartridge.

If you only want to use the black ink cartridge when printing, you just need to set your printing preferences to print on “black only”. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Switch the printer on then click the Start menu on your desktop.
  2. Click “Devices and Printers.”
  3. Select your Canon printer and click “Printing preferences”.
  4. Go to the “Maintenance” tab then choose “Ink Cartridge Settings.”
  5. Hit the “Ink Cartridge” menu, then select “Black Only”.
  6. Choose “Apply” and “OK” to save this setting.