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  • Compatible High Yield Kodak 30 XL Printer Ink Cartridges (10-Pack)

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Kodak Toner and Ink Cartridges

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The Best Kodak All-in-One Printers in the Market

Just like Colgate, Bubble Wrap, Pampers, Google, and Onesies, Kodak has gone down the same path after cementing itself as a printer powerhouse in the late 1880s from New Jersey. Although the Kodak brand of printers continues to receive strong challenges in the market, the brand remained intact thanks to its well-known brand name and reputation.

After all, we know what a Kodak moment is today thanks to its innovative inroads into the photography and later printing, industry.

The best Kodak printers in the market

Much of its reign now lies in dominating the mini photo printer industry where consumers can print Polaroid-size pictures directly from their computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, WiFi, and USB.

Going head-to-head with Canon’s inkjet printers, Kodak has managed to retain its loyal fanbase who are already familiar with Kodak’s user-friendly functions. From copying, printing to scanning, the Kodak Hero and ESP line are still hot favorites. If you already own a Kodak printer and looking around for compatible printer cartridges, start your ink cartridge search by printer model on our website.
How to save money using Kodak printers for everyday printing
Kodak printers are generally less expensive compared to its peers, costing approximately $80 to $150 per printer. Kodak compatible printer ink cartridges are also less pricey, going for $47 for 5 black and 5 color cartridges per pack of 10.

Consumers will also save a fair amount of money when they use mini photo printers from Kodak like the 2HD Instant Photo Printer. The handy mini photo printers are popular with the young generation who has picked up the old-fashioned craze of Polaroids. Tapping into the new generation’s reservoir of joy, they can now print pictures from their smartphones with a handy little mini photo printer on the go.

However, the above-mentioned Kodak printers are photo-centric printers which do not come with the ability to print anything beyond small-format photos. But if you’d like to read more about the best Kodak instant mobile photo printers in the market, read on.

The low-down on Kodak all-in-one printers

People who are not into mini photos prefer to invest in a Kodak all-in-one printer which can print both quality photographs and normal A4 and letter documents. Kodak printers have never changed their paths in that they continue to target serious to amateur photographers who value quality pictures and prints over convenience and modernity. It’s when the professional output of up to 13in x 19in is possible, a massive size difference in size from the mini Kodak pics.

If you think you need a small photo printer, by all means, get a Kodak mini instant photo printer. However, if you foresee more printing beyond conveniently outputting Kodak moments from your smartphone, Kodak printers are extremely reliable and their compatible printer cartridges are affordable. The all-in-one Kodak printers works double duty as inkjet printers for home and office use as well.

Most of the printers in the market come with automatic red-eye reduction feature, photo enhancing capabilities and image cropping abilities. On top of being able to scan slides and film negatives, you can literally bring hundreds of photos in the device around with you and print them out as and when needed.
Cost-effective measures for Kodak printers
On top of using compatible Kodak printer cartridges, there are many other ways for consumers to save a buck or two on printing.

First, let’s look at what you need.

Budget – purchasing an item like a Kodak printer involves looking at your budget. This includes looking past the cost of the printer off the shelf but also the price of its ink cartridges, print speed, cost of photo papers, and its functions (if it’s a multi-function printer)
Color or Black-and-White – If you’re not into printing in color all the time, there’s absolutely no reason for you to spend the money on this feature if there are more affordable options. Laser printers can print at high speed and in black-and-white just fine. In fact, you can always count on your local printing shop for marketing materials and it will cost less than printing them on your own
Functions – The more functions the printer comes with, the more it will generally cost you. On top of that, they’ll also cost you space. So, there’s no real need for a hefty printer that will take up horizontal real estate space in your home if there’s no need for everyday printing. Before you purchase the Kodak printer online, check its weight and size.
Easy printing – Most modern multi-function printers come with the ability to print via USB, Ethernet, WiFi or Near Field Connection (NFC). With a simple tap of your finger, you can either print directly from your phone, laptop or send them through via email or WiFi. The question is to ask is then ‘do you need it’.
Quality Prints – Most people don’t need high-resolution printing, scanning and copying features unless they’re in an industry that requires it. Kodak printers are more than adept in delivering quality prints and are hardy machines. Using compatible Kodak printer ink cartridges, you can print hundreds of pages without replacing the ink cartridge, especially if you set it to print using minimum ink.
Total cost of ownership – This requires some form of research but the reviews are all there on the internet. A frequent complaint from consumers related to owning and using a Kodak printer is that the ink cartridges are too expensive. Yes, they deplete quickly if you own a mid-range budget inkjet printer. Generally, the more expensive the printer is on the shelf, the less the cost of the printer cartridges. Higher-end printers designed for commercial printing tend to come with cheaper ink, toner, and drums.

The most popular Kodak printers

Here’s a rundown of the most popular Kodak printers in the market and the cost of their compatible ink cartridges.

Kodak ESP 3.2 All-in-One Printer – The Kodak ESP series is zippy in printing machine that is light on the pocket. Since this is a Kodak printer, we know one thing’s for sure – it was designed for people who print a lot while delivering reasonable average print per page cost. The printer gives enough wiggle room for consumers to liberally print both color/black-and-white documents and photographs
Compatible Kodak printer cartridge #30XL – 30B/ 30C XL
Cost of printer ink cartridge: $10 per cartridge; $46.95 for 10-pack of 5 black and 5 color cartridges.

Kodak ESP C110 Printer – This is another top-range, popular multi-function printer using inkjet printing technology which allows for printing from memory stick, SD card, and memory cards. It’s copying speed is up to 5ppm for monochrome printing and 3ppm for color prints. With measurements of 16.5in x 12.3in x 6.8in x 11.9lbs, this Kodak printer can deliver up to 1,200 dpi for scanning and is known for peak printingCompatible Kodak printer cartridge #30XL – 30B/ 30C XL
Cost of printer ink cartridge: $8 for black cartridge, $10 for color ink cartridge; $46.95 for 10-pack of 5 black and 5 color cartridges.

Kodak ESP C310 Printer – Experts and reviewers have raving reviews about how cost-effective this printer is. It brings on yields of over 270 pages in color prints, 335 pages of black-and-white prints, and up to 670 pages when using the Kodak Black Ink Cartridge 30XL. What won consumers over was the fact that scanned documents were in picture-perfect condition even when the original document was not. Its 1.5in color display and media card slot allows for easy sorting of pictures right there on the printer itself.
Compatible Kodak printer cartridge #30XL – 30B/ 30C XL
Cost of printer ink cartridge: $8 for black cartridge, $10 for color ink cartridge; $46.95 for 10-pack of 5 black and 5 color cartridges.

Kodak ESP C315 Printer – Although it doesn’t get its own auto document feeder, this Kodak printer wins hearts over with its inexpensive printing cost and resolution. It’s the perfect printer made for light to moderate use allowing for easy printing of both print documents and pictures. It’s the hobbyist, amateur photographer, and family-focused home office printer. It can print black-and-white documents at a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and color prints at 9,600 x 9,600 dpi. Like many of its make and model, you can print wirelessly via your smartphone, laptop, tablet or other mobile devices; it also supports Google Cloud Print, Kodak Email Print Service and the Kodak Pic Flick App.
Compatible Kodak printer cartridge #30XL – 30B/ 30C XL
Cost of printer ink cartridge: $8 for black cartridge, $10 for color ink cartridge; $46.95 for 10-pack of 5 black and 5 color cartridges.

Kodak Hero 5.1 Printer – Industry experts gave the Kodak Hero 5.1 printer second rank in both value and sales in the United Kingdom when it was first launched even though it was lagging behind HP printers of the same range by some distance. Banking on its low-cost printing and ownership, this nifty little entry-level printer produces reliable and professional-looking prints. What makes this Kodak printer stand out is its rather straight-laced look but to-the-point design.
Compatible Kodak printer cartridge #30XL – 30B/ 30C XL
Cost of printer ink cartridge: $8 for black cartridge, $10 for color ink cartridge; $46.95 for 10-pack of 5 black and 5 color cartridges.

If you’re looking for affordable Kodak printer cartridges like the Kodak 30 ink, Kodak 3XL ink, Kodak ESP Office 2150 ink, Kodak ESP3.2 printer ink, or compatible Kodak 30 ink cartridges, you’ve come to the right place! You can check out our list of Kodak printer ink cartridges and join our Rewards Program for future savings.