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Ink cartridges

Yo Yo ink is a great company. Fast service and great ink cartridges! They also stand by their product!!

I shouldn't be asked to rate this until I have used it all up.

So far, so good

Ink works great in my HP

Great product and works well in HP printer

Still evaluating, some problem with the blue ink, otherwise 5 stars

It took a while to get the HP printer to accept the new cartridges. HP automatically identifies them as foreign or non-HP cartridges. But after struggling a bit I got my printer working. HP wastes too much ink going through its 7 minute warm up, which happens each time I turn my printer on. So I have decided to leave the printer on all the time, and because of that, it print immediately. That’s what I expect! Prior to receiving your cartridges, I already had black ink, but colored cartridges were empty. Therefore the printer would no longer work, even for black ink. Now that I have added your color cartridges, the level for red and yellow cartridges show completely full, but for blue ink (Cyan) shows incompletely full, where the indicator shows (incomplete) or lines up and down the indicator. Likewise when I print using color, the Cyan does not appear to print in all areas of the page. Since I just replaced my Printer Head very recently before I added your cartridges, I am suspecting that this is a printer head problem and not a cartridge problem (since it is a refurbished head). Otherwise I am happy to be able to print again! For too long I have had to use my city library to print things and my 2023 taxes. The fact that HP wants to control functionality based on availability of ink in all cartridges makes me want to reconsider buying from HP in the future. Likewise their newer printers all require internet connectivity in order to work. I am definitely against that. I want my printer to work from my USB port. I bought a new printer and took it back for that reason. Too much intrusion on me for HP to control my destiny in how I must use their products (making me subject to their checks and balances) does not bode well for me.
The packaging of your product to me was exemplary. The delivery and presentation of your product was top notch. I have no complaints, just accolades for your business model and service.

no fit in printer

None of the cartridges fit in my Brother MFC-J475DW as advertised. I have received a full refund.

The first shipment came through and there seemed to be a glitch using it in the HP Envy. I called and received a replacement package free of charge. When I loaded it, it worked perfectly. Thanks YoYo for standing by your customers. TLG-NC

I’ve always purchased ink from YoYo and rarely am I disappointed. They’re always on–time and their ink performance is very consistent. What I’d like to see in the future is more price reduction or price match that matches competitors such as LD Ink without membership. Right now, LD ink cartridges are around $.30–1.00 cheaper when buying in bulk, even more with their occasional discounts, so YoYo has got to catch up, and I believe we can do it!

YoYoLink is the best

Honesty, the HP 63 XL used cartridges I get from YoYink last longer than the ones I purchased in the begining, from HP.

another shipping method???

Well FED EX left them at the end of the driveway during a snow/rain storm (directly under a sign that says “all deliveries to the house” — so don’t know if the are salvageable or not - haven’t used them yet.

Like new out of the box

Like new, fair price, quick delivery

HP Replacement 950/951 Cartridges Work Like A Charm!

After previous experiences with using non-OEM ink cartridges in my HP OfficeJet 8600, I was somewhat skeptical that YO-YO’s offering would perform.

At the very least, I anticipated needing to go into settings and disable the update utility in order to circumvent HP’s system for preventing aftermarket cartridges from working.

Much to my delight and relief, the YO-YO cartridges installed easily and worked immediately, with no problems. Simply plug in and play!

Great products and great value!

All is good

Great prices and product. Had a problem with one cartridge and they immediately replaced it. I don't use a lot of ink but when I do it's YoYo ink!

Canon CLI-42 Ink Compatible Cartridge - Photo Magenta

Brother ink

So glad i found this company!! Ink works great!

best ink

this the best ink I have found, it perform as well as hp and is mailed to me in a timely fashion. thanks. Will R.

Mis-filled order

I ordered 3 of one kind, 2 of the other. I received 4 and 1. They did give me a $10 when I complained. The cartridges themselves are fine. Arrived in about 4 days (holidays complicated it, perhaps). I will order from them again, since the prices are good.

Canon Ink Cartridges

This is the best way to buy ink cartridges. They are good buy but not cheap ones.I have used YoYoink for several years now and they always fill my request as possible.

YoYo Ink. Have used it successfully for number of years. Thank you for packaging it in colors only, as I have plenty black.

recycling bargain

On top of prompt delivery service and reliable ink cartridge performance, YoYoInk leads the way with remanufactured ink cartridges at bargain prices [so far saving me over $800 in 2 years!]

Quality + Value

Long lasting cartridge that provided quality black print characters until fading signaling the time to replace. Cartridges are a great value compared to OEM providers.

great delivery and product


Some will some won't.

I have bought this product before. The cartridges ard difficult to be appfoved by the printer, even within the current order. One cartridge might work, and then the next one on't. I nd up with just being abld to use part of the cartridges. I don't know what todo about it.

Like YoYoInk.

Ink cartridges function as advertised. Have no issues installing and using. Often it helps to check print alignment and clean print head.