Remanufactured Canon Ink Cartridges 240 and 241 XL Combo Pack High Yield

Compatible Brand: Canon
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2 Ink Cartridges

Black: 600, Color: 400

High Yield

1 Black

1 Colors

Popular Printer Model: Pixma MG3620, Pixma MG3520, Pixma MX532

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  • These are remanufactured high yield ink cartridges at a fraction of traditional OEM cartridges. Get more bang for the buck.
  • We utilize smart chip technology so you can easily track ink levels.
  • 36 Month Shield Life
  • 2 Year Warranty


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Low Cost Canon 241 & 240 Cartridge Replacement

Enjoy sharp, smudge-resilient premium quality texts, and images with YoyoInk remanufactured Ink Cartridges for Canon 240 and 241. Together with your Canon Pixma printer, all your documents and photos achieve extra crispness, detail, and quality. Print a thousand pages with high yield ink cartridges that deliver consistent performance and impressive results!

Order with confidence as our ink cartridges meet high standards of testing and manufacturing. Your purchase is also backed with a 2-year warranty and money-back guarantee. Get the best value and the lowest prices for good quality Canon ink replacement cartridges here at YoyoInk!

  • The ink cartridge combo pack includes two remanufactured high yield Canon ink cartridges. You get one black Canon PG-240XL ink and one tri-color Canon CL-241XL ink cartridge.
  • The Canon 240XL ink cartridge can print up to 600 pages in black, while the Canon 241XL ink cartridge can print up to 400 pages in color.

Our remanufactured Canon ink cartridges 240 and 241 XL can work with various printers. Most compatible models belong to the Canon PIXMA MG and MX series, like the Pixma MG2120 printer, Canon Pixma MG3222 printer, and Pixma MX522 printer.

Product Specification

Printer Brand


Black, Colors

Part Number

, , ,


Multi Pack

Cartridge Yield Type

Page Yield

Black: 600, Color: 400

Total Page Yield

1,000 Pages (5% Coverage)

Product Type

Ink Cartridge



Frequently Asked Questions For Canon 240 and 241 Ink Refill

  • What Canon Printer Uses 240 Ink?

Several printers use Canon PG-240 & PG-240XL ink cartridges. They include models like the Pixma MG3620 printer, Pixma MG3520 printer, Pixma MG4220 printer, Pixma MG3220 printer, and Pixma MG2220 printer. Visit our check my printer compatibility to see the list of all the Canon printers that use 240 and 241 ink cartridges.

  • Is the Canon 240 Ink the Same As 240xl?

The Canon PG-240 and the Canon PG-240XL ink cartridges are interchangeable. The Canon 240 is a standard yield ink cartridge, while the Canon 240XL is a high yield ink cartridge. A 240XL cartridge is bigger,  has more ink, and can print more pages (300 pages vs. 180 pages of black compared to the standard Canon 240 ink).

  •  Is the Canon 240 Ink Interchangeable With 245 Ink?

No, the Canon PG-240 and Canon PG-245 ink cartridge aren’t interchangeable. The two Canon ink cartridges are compatible with a different range of printers.

  • How Do You Refill a Canon 241 Ink Cartridge?

    1. Place the Canon 241 ink cartridge on top of a layer of clean paper towels on a flat surface.
    2. Prepare the ink cartridge for refill by first peeling off its top label.
    3. You’ll find three tiny holes in the cartridge. Make them bigger by drilling on each one using a thumb drill.
    4. Next, start filling the syringe with a 5ml volume of Canon 241 ink.
    5. Refill every chamber by gradually injecting them with ink until the sponge is filled
    6. Once you’re done, don’t put the label back to ensure the drilled holes are left open. They will serve as the vent holes for your ink cartridge.
    7. Install the refilled ink cartridge into your printer and conduct 2 – 3 cleaning cycles.

We recommend leaving the ink cartridge inside the printer for about 9 hours after being refilled. It allows the ink to completely soak on the sponge and flow toward the print head.

How To Replace a Canon 240 and 241 Cartridge?

  1. Connect your Canon printer to a suitable power supply and then press the Power button to turn on the machine.
  2. Gently open the Output Tray, followed by the Scanning Unit. Hold the Scanning Unit open using its Support.
  3. Once the Ink Cartridge Holder moves towards the proper replacement position, the Head Cover will open automatically.
  4. Remove the Empty Ink Cartridge from the Cartridge Holder by pressing down its Lock Lever until it clicks, and then pulling it out from the Cartridge Holder.
  5. Prepare the New Ink Cartridge for installation by taking it out from its packaging and then removing its Orange protective taping.
  6. Install the New Ink Cartridge by pushing it directly into the Cartridge Holder until it touches the back. Push the Lock Lever until it clicks to secure the Cartridge into place.
  7. Remember to install the Color Cartridge on the left slot and the Black Cartridge on the right. The same goes for High Yield Canon 240XL Ink Cartridges.
  8. Close the Scanning Unit and Output Tray.

How to Change the PG-240 & CLI-241 Ink in  your Canon Pixma MG3620:

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