Epson Printer keeps saying out of paper, but it isn’t… What should I do?

Epson has long been a global leader in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge printers for a wide range of consumers. In terms of creating premium-quality printing technology, the brand is arguably unbeatable.

Despite their advanced features and technologies, however, Epson printers still trouble users with recurring issues now and then. Among the most common of them are Epson printer paper feed problems. There are times when the printer says out of paper when it’s not. 

If you encounter this particular problem with your Epson printer, no need to worry. Numerous other users deal with this same frustrating glitch. When it does crop up, there are several ways you can do to deal with it quickly. Below, we’ll discuss each of them one by one so you’ll know what to do to resolve this error.


Epson Printer Won't Feed Paper? Here's why…

Let’s first look at some of the possible causes as to why your Epson printer keeps saying out of paper. 

  1. You’re using poor quality paper, causing all sorts of Epson printer paper feed problems.
  2. You’re installing low-quality ink cartridges on your Epson printer. Choose only reliable, replacement Epson ink cartridges if you plan on saving costs.
  3. You’re improperly loading paper, preventing your Epson printer from completing the given print tasks.
  4. A faulty physical connection in your Epson printer because of a wrong configuration.

It’s crucial to determine what caused the problem so you can immediately apply the necessary fix. If you won’t resolve the issue, it will continue to persist and may even become worse than it already is.    

5 Solutions if your Epson printer says out of paper but it isn't 

When your Epson printer says out of paper when it’s not, the answer will depend entirely on the root cause. Try each approach below and find out which one works for your particular printer paper problem.


#1: Feed your Printer with the Correct Paper

Generally speaking, Epson printer paper feed problems won’t trouble you if you’re using legal-sized media. Other types of paper, though, can be quite challenging to feed on an ordinary Epson printer. Cardstocks, envelopes, or photo papers, for example, are deemed as specialty media.

There are specific models in the brand that specializes in handling these sorts. If your printer isn’t one, then it would be best to avoid using them altogether.

Using incorrect or incompatible paper will prevent your printer from feeding it properly. The printer will instead recognize it as “out of paper,” thus resulting in the error. Try loading the correct media into the paper tray and be sure to align them at all times.


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#2: Disconnect and Reconnect the Printer

A frequently recommended troubleshooting technique for any Epson printer issue is disconnecting and reconnecting the power cords. This method works most of the time for various errors, so it’s worth a shot. It’s also very straightforward, and you can do it on your own without breaking a sweat.

Just detach the printer’s power cord while it’s still on and wait for about 30 – 60 seconds. Then, plug in the power cord back to the outlet, and that’s it.

Epson Expression Premium XP-830
Epson WorkForce Pro WP-5190

#3: Ensure Proper Alignment

The error may be brought about by misaligned replacement ink cartridges inside the printer. If this is the case, move the carriage towards the farthest left. It could likewise be due to misaligned paper or because you went beyond the paper capacity limit.

Whatever the case may be, inspect your printer for any improper alignment. Always ensure, however, to turn off your printer and disconnect the power cord before you proceed as a safety precaution.

Epson T410 XL
Epson T288 XL

#4: Inspect for Foreign Materials 

A clog inside your Epson printer can sometimes trigger the device to send out a wrong “out of paper” warning. But aside from that, it can also cause paper jams as well as more severe internal damages. Thus, it’s essential to examine your printer for signs of foreign material or debris on its rollers. Even a tiny object like a paper clip can lead to costly repairs once it gets inside the printer.

#5: Maintain Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean your printer’s sensors to avoid having paper problems. You can find the sensors close to the Printer Ink Cartridge Cover, locked firmly in place by a Black Lever. They control the manner in which the printer feeds and discharges paper. Include cleaning the paper rollers as well to prevent potential print issues from cropping up. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off your Epson printer. Detach the Power cord and all other cables and wires as well.
  2. Take out both Paper Cassettes from the device. Then, place the printer standing on its right side for the proper cleaning position.
  3. Using a gentle, damped cloth, wipe the Cassette Rollers from the side of the printer. Gently rotate both rollers to clean them thoroughly.
  4. Set the printer back to its original, upright position immediately after cleaning. Never leave it standing on its side for long to avoid ink leaks.
  5. Reload both Paper Cassettes back into the printer.

And finally, always replace paper rollers every time they wear out so they won’t overheat and damage other parts.  


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  • Charles F Barnett

    Tried everything. no success

    • Julia Page

      Hello Charles! You can check the paper stack for defects such as wrinkled, torn, or bent pieces that might cause a pick-up issue. Also, try to remove any paper from the paper tray like those that are severely bent, wrinkled, or torn paper found in the stack. Check for obstructions inside the paper tray. I hope this helps!

      • Tillie

        Doesn’t work. It keeps saying the feeder tray at the back of the printer needs paper. It will not feed from the tray that is full. It keeps trying to feed from the back instead.

        • Julia Page

          Hello Tillie! I’m sorry to know that it did not work from your end. Have you tried checking your printer’s properties in the control panel to see if there is a setting for front or rear paper loading?

          • lilly

            I checked my settings after unplugging for more than a minute and when I selected the letter size again (it was checked but I touched it anyway) my printer started working. So not sure what was even wrong at that point but it did print.

  • Allen Crowley

    TYhanks I have printed my first batch which is great .now I am trying to start printing mr second batch. No essages just not printing, I must be doing something wrong..
    I am the secretary for a retired members club and too old to be good with this.

    • Julia Page

      Hello Allen! If the first batch worked, I’m pretty sure you are doing it right. There must have been some slight errors on the second which you missed. You may want to check the alignment and the quality of the paper before trying to print again.

  • Fred Mullins

    my Epson ET-16600 printer when wi-fi printing keeps saying out of paper when it’s not. Will copy and feeds paper no problem.
    Any idea???????

    • Julia Page

      Hello Fred! Please always assure that the case and the paper are aligned. That being said, feeding too much paper on your printer can cause misalignment and can lead to this error. If this has been checked and still experiencing the same error, try checking if there are some foreign objects on your printer which cause clogs and more issues eventually. Finally, disconnecting and reconnecting might help in resolving this issue.

  • Sandra

    I am trying to print on my Epson ET2720, it is showing out of paper. I can make a copy just fine. I have taken the paper out and reinserted. I have unplugged the printer. I have printed earlier today and just now started getting this message. I have only had this printer about a month.

    • Julia Page

      Hello Sandra! Please make sure that the correct paper is loaded on your paper tray to prevent this error from happening. Also, check if it is aligned at all times. You can also check the paper settings located in your printer driver. It is possible that the driver does not match the paper loaded in the paper tray. I hope this helps!

      • Ann

        printer telling me it is out of paper i did all things above paper just rolls thru printer with nothing on it and tells me its out of paper

        • Julia Page

          Hello Ann! You might want to consider cross-checking if the printer spooler is running. This is also one of the common causes for this error, especially when you are using windows. If the spooler is not running, you would have to enable it for troubleshooting printer issues.

  • Eric Esquival

    My workforce 4870 is saying out of paper and I have done everything that it says to fix the problem but it is still saying “out of paper”

    • Julia Page

      Hello Eric! Have you tried checking the paper rollers? They could be worn out, causing the error. It’s also possible that it’s just dirty. You can wipe them with alcohol on a pad or buy one of those alcohol prep pads to soften them again.


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