Why is my new toner cartridge not working? Printer Guide

Toner cartridges surpass ink cartridges in terms of lifespan but, alas, also cost. When looking to purchase new toner cartridges, look for high-quality toner cartridges that give the best value to your money. 

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The transition from old to new toner cartridge need not be a painstaking process. The process can be frustrating when issues, such as a new toner cartridge not working, hamper the supposed-to-be seamless process during busy days in the office. Luckily, you can troubleshoot these issues with our recommended simple solutions. 

In this article, we outline the common reasons for errors in toner replacements resulting in a new toner cartridge not working and give tips on how to resolve these issues. 

We identified several problems regarding new toner cartridges not working. The printer rejects the replacement, sends an error message, and stops working due to the following common problems.  

  • The toner you installed is not compatible with the printer. Most problems with new toner not working stem from non-OEM toner cartridges. Different companies manufacture compatible toner cartridges that generally work on specific printers. But in most cases, the printer may not recognize the compatible toner replacement. OEM cartridges also work on specific printers only. If you installed an OEM toner different from what was specified, your printer would not recognize the toner replacement. 
  • The printer toner cartridge is not detected. Another problem of a new toner cartridge not working arises when your printer does not detect the cartridge after installation. A common reason for this problem is the improper installation of your toner into the drum unit. Check the manual for cartridge installation or reinstall until the printer detects the toner and is ready for printing. 
  • Low ink or toner levels after replacement. If your printer sends or displays a low toner message even after replacing the old cartridge, your printer still reads the old cartridge in its memory. A simple printer reset usually allows the printer to recognize a new cartridge in place and displays the actual ink volumes of the replacement. 

How to Reset Brother Printer Toner

Resetting a Brother printer toner is usually the easiest step to resolve a new toner cartridge not working. Toner level panels display the remaining toner volumes inside the cartridges. The display would show a Low Toner warning when the ink levels are low. When installing a new toner into the machine, the display automatically reads the new toner volumes. 

However, there are instances when the Low Toner warning continues to display despite replacing a new cartridge. A quick reset can resolve a new cartridge not working and toner levels not displaying accurately. Here are steps to manually reset the toner of your Brother printer DCP Series, HL Series, and MFC Series.

Note: The reset instructions may vary from the outlined steps below, depending on your printer model. Check the manual to ensure you follow the correct steps to fix issues on the new toner cartridge not working, or for Brother printer no toner override. 

Brother DCP printer series

  1. Turn on your printer.
  2. Open the front cover.
  3. Press Clear / Back. The printer display will send a REPLACE DRUM or TONER LOW message.
  4. Press Start.
  5. Press the Up and Down arrow until the display shows 00.
  6. Press OK. 
  7. Close the front cover.
  8. If successful, the REPLACE DRUM or TONER LOW message will no longer appear in your printer’s display.

Brother HL printer series

  1. Turn on your printer.
  2. Open the front cover.
  3. Remove the toner & drum unit from the printer.
  4. Press Start.
  5. Place the toner & drum unit back in the printer.
  6. Press Start twice.
  7. Close the front cover.
  8. If successful, the REPLACE DRUM or TONER LOW message will no longer appear in your printer’s display.

Brother MFC printer series

  1. Turn on your printer. 
  2. Open the front cover. 
  3. Press Clear / Back.
  4. Press *.
  5. Press 0.
  6. Press 0.
  7. Close the front cover.
  8. If successful, the REPLACE DRUM or TONER LOW message will no longer appear in your printer’s display.

Why is my Printer Not Printing After Changing an Empty Toner Cartridge with a New One?


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A printer typically stops printing when the toner cartridge is empty. The printer will display a “Replace Toner,” “Toner Life End,” or similar messages. The message goes away, and the printer starts to print once a new cartridge replaces the empty toner cartridge.

We advise the following tips If the printer continues to display the message with the new toner not working.  

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Check if you have installed the correct toner cartridges in the correct color placement

Printers have specific toners for specific printers. Check if you loaded the correct toner by referring to the toner number. Check for compatibility. In addition to this, verify if you loaded the toner cartridge and not the drum unit. 


Check if you replaced a new cartridge

If your toner cartridge needs replacement, install a new and unused OEM or trusted non-OEM Brother toner cartridge. Installing a new cartridge straight out from the package allows the printer to reset the status of your toner cartridge. Installing a used toner from one printer to another will cause problems with a new toner cartridge not working.


Check if you are using OEM toner cartridges

Brother printers use OEM Brother toner cartridges tested to provide full page yield, and Non-OEM toner cartridges tested by Brother also yielded lower page yields. The toner cartridge may empty before the anticipated page yield estimate, and the printer will prompt a replacement through a “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” message. If you opt to use a non-OEM, purchase your consumables from a trusted manufacturer such as YoYoInk


Check if you installed the toner cartridge properly. 

If you get the Replace Toner or Toner Life End message even after replacing a new, unused, and genuine Brother toner cartridge, you may have made a mistake in installation. To resolve the issue, reinstall the toner cartridge and place the correct toner in the correct toner placement. 


Check the corona wire for any dirt or powder and clean. 

The new toner cartridge not working may not be a cartridge problem but an issue with the corona wire. Check the corona wire for any powder or dirt and gently wipe clean using a lint-free cloth. 

How Do You Fix a Toner Cartridge with isssues?

As with other consumables and printer parts, toner cartridges tend to become damaged. One of the primary reasons for a new toner cartridge not working is a defective cartridge. Before tossing the cartridge, check if you can troubleshoot the problem and have the toner working again. Here are some tips for fixing a defective toner cartridge. 

  1. Turn off the printer. 
  2. Open the front cover.  
  3. Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge. 
  4. Press the lever to unlock the toner cartridge.  
  5. Remove the toner cartridge from the assembly.
  6. Look at the developer roller and check for dirt or defects. 
  7. Rotate the roller using the main gear in the downward direction.
  8. If you see dirt, wipe the roller with a lint-free cloth. If you see vertical powder lines on the developer roller, the powder may have built up into the blade and leaked to the roller. Clean the blade, insert cardboard between the blade and roller, and scrape the powder. If the blade has defects, you will need to replace the blade. Check the printer’s manual to replace the blade. 
  9. Check the reset gear for defects. Check the printer’s manual for specific instructions on fixing the reset gear. The reset gear depends on the model of the printer. 
  10. Reset the used toner cartridge. 
  11. Clean the printer inside, where you place the toner cartridge and drum unit using a clean cloth. Avoid using compressed air, which may damage the laser sensor. 
  12. Contact the manufacturer’s customer service to help fix or replace the toner or the printer. 

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We have outlined the solutions to common issues on the new toner cartridge not working. Aside from defective consumables and printers, part of the problem commonly stems from using non-OEM toner cartridges or installing partially used cartridges as replacements. At YoYoInk, we guarantee the best compatible toner cartridges that perform as well as genuine cartridges at a fraction of the cost.

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