How to Check Ink Levels on my HP Printer?

HP is one of the most popular printer brands in the market today. It’s widely known for its superb printing capabilities, hi-tech features, and reliable performance. It’s also very accurate when it comes to monitoring how much ink you have left on your tanks. If you want to know how to check ink levels on your HP printer, then keep reading below because well show you how.

Check Ink Levels on HP Deskjet Printer

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HP Deskjet 2130
HP 63 XL Ink Cartridges

For numerous HP DeskJet printers, like the HP DeskJet 2130, you can easily view the ink and toner levels directly from the printer’s display panel. 

Find an icon that resembles an:

  • Ink Drop 
  • Ink Cartridge 
  • Ink Levels menu 
  • Toner Level indicator 

Press on any of the above icons to estimate how much HP ink and toner is left.

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How to Check Printer Ink on Windows 10

Follow any of the methods below to check ink levels on your HP printer from your Windows computer.


HP Smart App:

  1. Download the HP Smart app from HP’s website from the Windows store. 
  2. Complete the on-screen instructions for downloading and installing the app
  3. Go to your computer and launch the HP Smart App
  4. Click on the Plus Sign (+)
  5. Add your printer to check the ink or toner levels of your printer from the home screen

HP Print and Scan Doctor:

  1. Download HP Print and Scan Doctor
  2. From your computer, go to Downloads and double-click or click + enter on the file HPPSdr.exe to launch HP Print and Scan Doctor
  3. Click Start and then select your printer
  4. Click on Printer from the top menu bar and then go to Supply Levels

Printer Software:

  1. Search for and open HP on the windows search bar
  2. Select and open your printer name or HP Solution Center from the search results
  3. Click on Maintain Your Printer, if needed
  4. If the HP printer software is not yet installed on your computer, you can download it from HP Software and Driver Downloads
  5. Enter your Printer model and then complete the on-screen instructions to complete the download
  6. Open the downloaded file to launch the installation setup
  7. Complete the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process

HP Laser Printers

  1. Search for and open HP on the windows search bar
  2. Click on HP Easy Printer Manager
  3. Check the printer ink levels on Windows 10 from HP Easy Printer Manager

How to Check Printer Ink Levels on Mac

Using the printer software, you can check ink or toner levels from your Mac computer.

  1. Click on the Apple icon, followed by System Preferences > Printers and Scanners > Print & Fax or Print & Scan.
  2. Find and select your printer from the list
  3. Go to Options & Supplies and then Supplies tab
  4. Click on Options & Supplies

Why it’s Important to Check Your Printer Ink Levels

Always check the ink or toner levels of your printer constantly to assess how much is left. Once your ink or toner is almost out, consider buying replacement cartridges in advance. Ink can dry out and block the nozzles if you leave them running low for a certain period.

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  • Inez

    How do I tell which ink cartridge is out of ink? I went to the “ink drop” and it shows alerts and info. They both give me addresses, not ink information

    • Julia Page

      Hello Inez! For Windows10 users, you may install the HP Smart App and add your printer to the application to see the ink levels on the home screen; On the other hand, if you are a mac user, just click on the Apple icon, go to System Preferences, then Printers & Scanners. Select your printer from the list, and click Options & Supplies, finally, click the Supplies tab


    I can’t see how much ink that I have any more in my printer (hp envy 5032)

    • Julia Page

      To check the estimated ink levels from the printer control panel
      1. From the Home screen, touch (Ink) to check the estimated ink levels.

      To check the ink levels from the printer software (Windows)
      1. Open the HP printer software.
      2. In the printer software, click Estimated Levels.

      To check the ink levels from the HP printer software (OS X and macOS)
      1. Open HP Utility. (HP Utility is located in the HP folder in the Applications folder.)
      2. Select the HP ENVY 5000 series from the list of devices at the left of the window.
      3. Click Supplies Status.
      The estimated ink levels appear.
      4. Click All Settings to return to the Information and Support pane.

      To check the ink levels from HP Smart
      1. Open HP Smart on your mobile device. The estimated ink levels for your printer appear at the top of the
      screen, beside the picture of the printer.


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