There are several possible reasons as to why your printer is saying that it can’t recognize the ink cartridges. They include:

  • • Inaccurate ink level information which requires an internal memory reset
  • • You didn’t remove the protective strips during installation
  • • Dirty or damaged ink cartridge contacts Some or all of the ink cartridges are on the wrong slots
  • • Improper cartridge installation
  • • A software update is making them outdated

It will depend on the kind of printer ink you’re using and how its ink level warning mechanism works. Try using any of these tricks:

  1. • Remove the ink cartridge and then try shaking it vigorously for several seconds before reloading it back on the printer.
  2. • Reset the ink cartridge’s electronic chip. Push the reset button inside the tiny hole near the electronic circuit using a paperclip.
  3. • If your ink cartridge doesn’t have a reset button, cover the metal contact points with translucent scotch tape.
  4. • If all of the three methods fail, soak the printer cartridge on a bowl of lukewarm water. The heat from the water helps soften the ink so they can amass at the bottom of the tank.

Ultimately, nothing beats compatible and remanufactured ink products when it comes to tricking your printer. They’re some of the cheapest ink cartridges that you can use reliably on your printer for superior printing efficiency.