Brother MFC-J4710DW Ink

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Compatible Brother MFC-J4710DW ink cartridges from YoyoInk are the perfect solutions to economical printing with outstanding results. Our compatible LC103 / LC101 ink cartridges work perfectly with your Brother MFC-J4710DW for OEM comparable quality and performance. All our inkjet supplies include a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and FREE Shipping on orders $50 and up.

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  • Ink for Brother MFC-J4710DW : LC103, LC103BK, LC103C, LC103M, LC103Y, LC105, LC105C, LC105M, LC105Y, LC107, LC107BK
  • Colors Included: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • Superior Quality that resists fading, smudging and bleeding
  • Contains Smart Chip technology to track ink levels

Brother LC103 Black Compatible Printer Ink Cartridge

1 PackHigh Yield


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Avg. Price Per Cartridge: $5.64 each

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36 Month Shield Life
2 Year Warranty
Easy to Install

How to Change your Brother MFC 4710DW Ink Cartridges Refill

  1. Switch on your Brother MFC J4710DW printer and wait for it to become silent and steady before proceeding.
  2. Pull down the ink cartridge cover to open it. The LCD screen will show which cartridges need replacement - take note of them.
  3. Yank the lock release lever down to free the cartridge color displayed on the LCD. Remove the empty cartridges from the carriage by holding them at the sides and gently pulling them backward.
  4. Unpack the new Brother MFC J4710DW Ink cartridge and prepare it for installation.
  5. Take away the cartridge’s protective yellow cap by twisting it counter-clockwise until it snaps.
  6. Every cartridge color has its designated position on the slot. Insert the ink cartridge in line with the label’s arrow that matches the cartridge's color to the slot.
  7. Gently push the cartridge while lifting each lock release lever until you hear it click into position. Repeat steps 4-7 for every Brother ink cartridge color you install.
  8. Close the ink cartridge cover. The machine will reset the ink dot counter.



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