Why Buy Cheap Inks?

The term “cheap ink” is often given a negative connotation, but with careful consideration of the type of ink that you’re looking to purchase, there’s no reason why it can’t be the ideal choice for you. With that being said, there is much to know about the types of cheap inks available and the differences between them. By reviewing this article, you’ll learn everything that you need to know, when considering whether or not to purchase cheap inks.

Remanufactured Inks vs OEM Inks

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The two main types of cheap inks available on the market, are remanufactured inks and compatible inks. Depending on your specific preferences and requirements, both are viable options when compared with each other and with OEM inks. However, when it comes to comparing remanufactured inks and OEM inks in particular, it comes down to one major difference. The major difference between remanufactured inks and OEM inks, is that remanufactured inks are essentially recycled OEM inks. OEM inks, also known as original equipment manufacturer inks, are what manufacturers rely on to make a significant profit, while selling their printers at relatively low prices. Therefore, deciding to purchase remanufactured inks is the cheaper route to take, while also doing your part to aid the environment. Nevertheless, the cost and environmental efficiency that remanufactured inks bring to the table, would count for little if the quality suffered as a result. In order to retain the quality of remanufactured inks, they undergo a rigorous process that sees the cartridges restocked, repaired, and restored to working condition, for eventual resale. Additionally, the cartridges are tested to assure their quality and are filled to capacity, unlike OEM inks. Overall, remanufactured inks offer cheaper prices, higher quantity of product, equal quality of product, and environmental benefits.

Compatible Inks vs OEM Inks

While remanufactured inks use the same components recycled from OEM inks, compatible inks are built using entirely unique parts. However, in an effort to ensure that the cartridges are meeting the highest possible standards of quality, they are built according to OEM guidelines. In other words, compatible cartridges may not be built by the original manufacturers, but they are designed to perform the exact same way. Those who don’t decide to go the remanufactured route may decide to choose a compatible cartridge, knowing that not only is it brand-new, but it also remains cheaper than OEM inks. Furthermore, compatible inks are also able to go through the remanufacturing process, in order to contribute to environmental preservation.

YoYoInk Offers Super Quality at a Super Price

With the differences between remanufactured, compatible, and OEM inks discussed, all that’s left is to make a decision on which one to purchase, and where to purchase it. YoYoInk offers a premium alternative to purchasing expensive OEM inks, with up to 75% off of retail prices. As an added bonus, YoYoInk also provides free shipping within the continental U.S., with purchases exceeding $50. Furthermore, this is all supported by the Super Panda warranty, which includes a 2-year, no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee. All things considered, both remanufactured and compatible inks offer an enticing alternative option, to OEM cartridges. At YoYo Ink where Super Panda offers super savings, cheap inks simply never sounded better.

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