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About Us

Established in Iowa in 2010, YoyoInk started out as an idea spurred by a few college students, who wondered what it would be like to blend business, fun, and community. Close to a decade later, and YoyoInk has built upon its original concept, to become one of the most recognizable suppliers of ink and toner cartridges on the e-commerce market. As a small business with humble beginnings, YoyoInk understands the importance of the customer, which is why we emphasize on customer retention and satisfaction. With a two-year, 100% money-back guarantee, your satisfaction is a Panda promise.

“As long as YoYoInk is the supplier you pay, Super Panda will save your day.”

At YoyoInk, we recognize that building a website is easy, but building a brand is not. To create a brand, it requires a community of creators who conceive it and supporters who nurture it. Under the protection that Super Panda provides, YoyoInk guarantees growth for the community that has not only created it but has supported it..

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