HP 564XL Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridge : 5 Black, 2 Black Photo, 2 Cyan, 2 Magenta, 2 Yellow (13 Pack)

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HP 564XL Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridge

The HP 564XL Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridge is a high-yield printer ink cartridge that is compatible with the HP Deskjet, HP Officejet and HP PhotoSmart family of printers. 

Offering a unique mix of affordability and quality, our range of remanufactured ink cartridges are the ideal replacement for the HP 564XL.


Unlike the standard HP 564 ink cartridge, our remanufactured HP 564XL black ink cartridges provide a “higher page yield”, which means that you’ll be able to print more for less.


Manufactured from recycled printer ink cartridges, the HP 564XL series from YoYoink delivers consistent and superior printing quality over an extended period of time.


YoYoink remanufactured cartridges:


HP 564XL Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridges from YoYoink make use of OEM HP CN684WN ink cartridges that have been restored and cleaned by our team of expert professionals. 


Alongside this, our technicians have also enhanced these remanufactured ink cartridges in order to ensure superb printing quality. A unique ink blend from YoYoink ensures that these cartridges meet or even exceed HP’s stringent OEM requirements.


YoYoink’s dedication to quality have made our range of remanufactured cartridges a popular choice with consumers all over the world.


Combo pack details:


Each HP 564XL ink cartridge combo pack consists of the following items:

  • 5 Black CN684WN ink cartridges (BK)
  • 2 Photo Black CB322WN ink cartridges (PBK)
  • 2 Cyan CB323WN ink cartridges
  • 2 Magenta CB324WN ink cartridges
  • 2 Yellow CB325WN ink cartridges


Black ink cartridge details:
When purchasing this combo pack, take note that the black CN684WN ink cartridges (BK) are not interchangeable with the photo black CB322WN ink cartridges (PBK). 


HP564 black ink cartridges make use of a pigment-based ink whereas HP564 photo black cartridges utilize a dye-based ink.


Color ink cartridge details:


All colors are guaranteed to be compatible with the following HP ink cartridges:

  • HP 564
  • HP PhotoSmart 7520
  • HP 7510
  • HP 6520


Always take care to ensure that your ink cartridges are compatible with that found in this combo pack.

Special features:

Each of our ink cartridges come with a YoYoink patented smart chip that allows you to easily track ink levels. This eliminates the need to deal with annoying low ink messages while ensuring that you’ll never run out of ink again.



HP 564XL ink cartridges are compatible with the following HP printers that utilize 564 ink: 


  • HP DeskJet Series – HP 3070a, HP 3520, HP 3521
  • HP OfficeJet Series – HP 4612, HP 4620, HP 4622
  • HP PhotoSmart Series – HP 6520, HP 7510, HP 7520


For a comprehensive list of compatible HP printers, please visit our site here for more details.


Warranty and guarantee:


Our range of remanufactured HP 564XL ink cartridges come with a 2-year, money-back guarantee. Should you find yourself unhappy with the quality of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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Dimensions7.99 × 5.2 × 2.6 in


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9 reviews for HP 564XL Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridge : 5 Black, 2 Black Photo, 2 Cyan, 2 Magenta, 2 Yellow (13 Pack)

  1. Steven Jung

    This HP 564 ink works wonderfully. I had a little concern because I had never ordered from here before but it was fine. The 564 ink comes in individual packaging in the box which is nice. I once had to reorder ink from another online site because the ink cartridge broke during shipping and got everywhere and all over the other ink cartridges. I couldn’t use them. This website is easy and I was able to find the HP 564 I was looking for. The ink is compatible with our printer and it helps reduce plastic wastes on the environment so that’s a bonus. Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of the product. 5 star rating for sure.

  2. ciro bizzarro

    Perfect fit

  3. Jack C.

    I’ve ordered from here several times and always had good results. Thanks again..

  4. Donald M

    I love this product! It is high quality.

  5. Christy O

    it looks like a good money saving alternative

  6. Bradley H

    My order arrived quickly and the cartridges work wonderfully. Great color and price & long lasting!

  7. Calvin K

    Excellent quality at a most competitive price.

  8. Peter S

    Good quality product at a great price!

  9. Bruce M

    They arrived as scheduled and work well.

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