Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-40 (2 Black)

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Canon PG-40 Remanufactured Black Printer Ink Cartridges
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Remanufactured Canon PG-40 Black & CL-41 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge (2 Black
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Canon PG-40 Remanufactured Black Printer Ink Cartridges


2 PACK (2 PG40 Black) – Est. Page Yield – 660 Pages (Black) Canon PG 40, Canon 40, Canon PG 40 Black, Canon 40 Ink, Canon PG 40 Ink Cartridge.

YoYoInk is a top seller for Remanufactured Canon PG-40 Black Printer Ink Cartridges. These printer ink cartridges are of the highest quality as YoYoInk strives for excellent customer satisfaction with all its products. The Remanufactured Canon PG-40 Black Printer Ink Cartridges come with a money back, customer satisfaction, two year guarantee.


YoYoink includes a smart chip with each of their ink cartridges. This will help you easily track ink levels, which will decrease your chances of running out of ink when printing important documents.

BRILLIANT PRINT QUALITY for Remanufactured Canon PG-40 Black Printer Ink Cartridges

When you choose to use YoYoink cartridges, you are getting a top quality ink at a fraction of the price. These cartridges are designed to give you printing results that are true to color, resistant to fading for years, smudging and bleeding. You can safely trust these ink cartridges to print important documents, true-to-life photos, vivid images, and laser quality text.

YOYOINK PROMISE for Remanufactured Canon PG-40 Black Printer Ink Cartridges

We believe in the quality of our products, and that is why we offer a 2 year no hassle warranty. If you are not fully satisfied with your ink cartridge purchase, return it to us for a 100% Money Back Guarantee. To ensure our consumers are receiving the best products on the market, we remanufactured our ink cartridges to meet ISO9001 and ISO14001 Factory Standards. This helps us stay in line and even exceed OEM specifications.

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PROTECTING THE FUTURE for Remanufactured Canon PG-40 Black Printer Ink Cartridges

YoYoink is a proud manufacturer of recycled ink cartridges. Not only does it help cut costs for consumers, it also decreases the amount of waste going into a landfill. Go Green.


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13 reviews for Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-40 (2 Black)

  1. Mikey

    An excellent value. A fraction of the price of the manufacturer’s ink. Loaded and tested the color cartridge in my Canon MX310 and it worked perfectly. I highly recommend it.

  2. Phil

    These work just fine so far. They fit into my printer just fine, no odd fitment, popped right in. The carts measured and seem to be fully filled and I didn’t need a nozzle cleaning or alignment. I had been using refillable carts, but you can’t do that very long, the patent software kicks you and it won’t work anymore. My new friends at YoYoInk even emailed me to check and make sure my printer was up to snuff with their carts and if there was anything else they could do, I figured a pizza was going too far. See how these work out, new customer … BTW, The shipping was quick. ha!

  3. Ms Discus

    I was very hesitant to purchase remanufactured or third party ink cartridges. I know several people who have had real issues with quality, leakage and quantity using other third party brands. A friend suggested I try these for my everyday casual printing needs. I have been extremely pleased with all aspects of these cartridges. This is the third set I have purchased from this seller and I will continue to buy. They are well made, the printing quality is just as good as the Canon brand ink for my printer and I get more pages per cartridge than the name brand, all for less than half the price. Give these a try, your printer and budget will both be happy.

  4. Cathy

    This is my second purchase of this ink. The quality and price beat both Office Max and Walmart. I had no trouble fitting the cartridges. I bought the first set in September 2015. I participate in NaNoWriMo so printed my manuscript to make sure I didn’t lose it on the computer. Granddaughter uses the printer for her school work, and I also use it frequently for other activities. I believe we have gone through a couple reams of paper. We just started getting the low ink notice, so I purchased the current set for when the ink actually starts fading. I am also pleased with the prompt delivery. It sure beats driving 40 miles roundtrip to find a store that carries the right ink. Thank you.

  5. ELM

    So far so good. I received Yo YoInk Remanufactured Ink cartridges, to use in my Canon PIXMA MX300 Printer, a little while back and finally got to install and use them the other day. My initial simple printing seems good…and they actually indicate through my computer how much ink is remaining in the cartridges (this never happened with other aftermarket cartridges!). The packaging was very professional and it arrived promptly! So far, so good: I would definitely recommend this (based on the quality)…and, especially, at close to half the price of OEM!

  6. A. Gray

    I’ve ordered these twice now and they work well. The main issue is that my printer thinks they are low or empty long before they actually are. I ended up changing them out too fast the first time, with the second set I got a lot more pages out of them before they were done. If you’re OK with ignoring your printer’s warnings then these are a good alternative to the more expensive name brand ink.

  7. Jennifer

    The first time I bought the pack (2 black and 1 color) I was very happy. It worked just as well as the Canon brand for half the price. It didn’t last as long though, about 3/4 of the ability to print compared the Canon brand. Still great for the price. Unfortunately, the second pack I got had a defective color cartridge. It won’t print colors correctly at all. Yellow turns green, the grays have a green or blue tint. Reds don’t show up at all. The black continued to print clearly though. I did not try to get a replacement cartridge for the color- Amazon is great with returns and I most likely could get a replacement. I put in the black right away and waited a month before I put in the color one so I was past the date to try and return. (Plus I was kinda of lazy and for the price it wasn’t a big deal) Overall, I would buy it, just know you might get a defective cartridge once in a while because it is re-manufactured but definitely worth the price. I print out class notes and like the text to be a true black (opposed to gray and blurry) and very crisp and precise and it is that.

  8. M. J. Williquette

    In the past I have refilled my own ink cartridges to save a few bucks. It can be a mess .. and it usually means buying a kit. I remember that about 1/2 the time the refilled cartridge would not be accepted by the HP printers that I had. So, I had to run out and get a new cartridge and then after it was empty try to refill that one. That was years ago … but now I just buy the ink from Walmart. Well … until a few weeks ago. I decided to check out Amazon to see what they had for pricing on original inks, and came across YoYoInk. The cost was 1/2 of what the original manufacturer’s cartridges cost. I installed one of the two black cartridges that I had purchased, had the printer calibrate the cartridge, and WAM! Worked like a charm! I waited to purchased the color cartridges (that I also need) to see how the black worked. I am going to order color now!

  9. Lynn Burgin

    These cartridges work just as good as the Canon cartridges. Highly recommend.

  10. Sabes

    My luck with remanufactured ink cartridges has not been so good. I stopped buying them over a year ago because they just never had enough ink in them to make it worth the savings. This particular item changed that. I’m actually reordering it via Subscribe and Save and will, thankfully, never have to run out and pay full price for ink ever again. The ink quality is comparable to the Canon original and it lasts about as long. I am not printing more than worksheets for my kids or spreadsheets for me to take grocery shopping.

  11. Mo

    Price was good and it prints good enough for what I need.

  12. ladydi

    Just received this today and it worked great on my Cannon IP2600. Much less expensive than the Cannon cartridges or even the generics at Wal-Mart. I will definitely purchase again.

  13. Steven Jung

    Great pricing! I’m glad I came across this website. The ink is cheaper than other places I seen and it’s great quality too. The cartridges are compatible with my printer and they work perfectly fine. Their website explains a lot about their inks like how the cartridges tell our computers how much ink is left via some kind of computer chip. I also like they used recycled cartridges so that’s great for the environment. I didn’t have to wait long for the ink cartridges either, they arrived pretty quick. The packaging was nice. It was organized packaging so the cartridges were separated in each individual packing during shipping. That would have been horrible to receive a box of spilled computer ink. I also like how easy their website is to find things. You can just look by brand or specific models of printers, etc. It’s awesome! The Canon 40 ink was exactly what I was looking for for my printer.

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