Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-240XXL 240 Extra High Yield (2 Black)

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Canon PG-240 XXL Remanufactured Black Printer Ink Cartridges


2 PACK (2 PG240XXL Black) – Est. Page Yield – 600 Pages (Black) Canon 240 Ink Cartridges, Canon 240xxl, Canon Printer Ink 240, Canon 240 Black Ink.

YoYoInk is a top seller for Remanufactured Canon PG-240 XXL Black Printer Ink Cartridges. These printer ink cartridges are of the highest quality as YoYoInk strives for excellent customer satisfaction with all its products. The Remanufactured Canon PG-240 XXL Black Printer Ink Cartridges come with a money back, customer satisfaction, two year guarantee.


YoYoink includes a smart chip with each of their ink cartridges. This will help you easily track ink levels, which will decrease your chances of running out of ink when printing important documents. Plus, you will not have to deal with messy low ink alert messages.

BRILLIANT PRINT QUALITY for Remanufactured Canon PG-240 XXL Black Printer Ink Cartridges

When you choose to use YoYoink cartridges, you are getting a top quality ink at a fraction of the price. These cartridges are designed to give you printing results that are true to color, resistant to fading for years, smudging and bleeding. You can safely trust these ink cartridges to print important documents, true-to-life photos, vivid images, and laser quality text.

YOYOINK PROMISE for Remanufactured Canon PG-240 XXL Black Printer Ink Cartridges

We believe in the quality of our products, and that is why we offer a 2 year no hassle warranty. If you are not fully satisfied with your ink cartridge purchase, return it to us for a 100% Money Back Guarantee. To ensure our consumers are receiving the best products on the market, we remanufactured our ink cartridges to meet or even exceed OEM specifications.

PROTECTING THE FUTURE for Remanufactured Canon PG-240 XXL Black Printer Ink Cartridges

YoYoink is a proud manufacturer of recycled ink cartridges. Not only does it help cut costs for consumers, it also decreases the amount of waste going into a landfill. Go Green.

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32 reviews for Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-240XXL 240 Extra High Yield (2 Black)

  1. Benjamin

    The cartridges arrived in professional packaging akin to OEM cartridges, and were accompanied by a paper discussing the company’s 2-year warranty and focus on customer satisfaction. Out the box, the black cartridge was readily accepted by my printer and worked perfectly. Unfortunately, the color cartridge did not. Upon installation of the color cartridge my printer displayed an error code and would not accept it. I tried numerous times to insure I properly installed it and got the same result. After giving up, I reinstalled my old color cartridge and the error message went away. I then noticed that the YoYoInk cartridge seemed to possibly have a leak around the upper seal as there was fresh wet ink visible in some areas around the seam. I emailed YoYoInk’s customer service and am awaiting a reply. I will update this review accordingly. Update: YoYoInk communicated with me regarding the non-functioning cartridge and first provided tips to try in order to get it working. When that didn’t resolve the issue they offered to replace it or refund it. I explained that I’m already using the black cartridge and only need a new color cartridge. They emailed me back stating that unfortunately they were currently out of stock in the color cartridges and therefore issued me a full refund. No hassle involved (aside from the non-functioning cartridge) and very courteous and prompt correspondence. I’d do business with them again, and hopefully that bad cartridge was just a rare dud. Upgraded review to 4 stars. -2.5 for the non-functioning cartridge, but +1.5 for customer service. I’ve since purchased again from YoYoInk and this time had zero issues with the cartridges. They both worked fine out the package.

  2. WhenIhaveTime.

    My printer recognized the cartridges ! I had bought remanufactured cartridges before and had bad luck with the printer not recognizing them. I ran into a good deal on a printer but the cartridges were priced high so , a bummer for me. I saw these cartridges and the good reviews so I gave them a try. And they were right on!! They work fine and a very good deal !! And my printer recognized the cartridges !! You see the cute little bear logo? Your probably saying to yourself that is one cute bear ?? But what you might not realize is that little cute bear is wearing a cape !! And that makes that little cute bear SUPER !! As in SUPER DEAL !!!

  3. Boo Radley

    I’ve always bought Canon cartridges, but based on reviews of YoYoInk I decided to give these a try since they are so much cheaper. They are every bit as good as the more expensive brand cartridges. I had no problem with the printer recognizing them and in the month or so that I’ve been using them, the print quality is indistinguishable from that of the more expensive cartridges. I highly recommend these. *********** UPDATE 12/21/2015: These cartridges are long lasting, too. I have an ebay store and print 30-50 shipping labels and packing slips per month along with numerous documents (shipping labels are very ink-intensive). I bought two of these cartridges in March 2015 and just today I had to replace the first one. I’ve never had any cartridge last this long, including Canon cartridges.

  4. M. Luu

    Really good ink, and authentic. I admit i was worried at first because i didn’t know much about the company but after buying from them once before for my printer and using it right after we changed to cartridges to print 80 something pages i knew that it was good quality ink and they were honest. I’m usually wary because other companies only send half full cartridges or i even had one company send me the wrong ink once! Very glad i found a reliable company to buy my ink from now and in the future! Plus the cute panda definitely suckered me in =P!

  5. Bloose

    I’ve only installed one of these so far. It went in with no issues and the printer recognized it. The printer is working just fine with it. On the past I’ve tried generic and refurbished cartridges in my Lexmark printer and couldn’t get them to work. These newer printers use RFID chips embedded in the cartridge to make sure they are compatible and keep track of their ink level. Unfortunately the cartridges I’ve tried in the past, again with the Lexmark, couldn’t get past this RFID programming. These, at least the first one, do not have this problem. If for some reason the next cartridge I install doesn’t work I will update this post. Also, with the price and the fact they seem to work, I will likely be buying more in the future. If I run into problems with them I will be sure to say so.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I was skeptical because these are generic and so much cheaper but I have not had a single issue yet, and I print a few pages a day. Mostly black and white with some color. So glad to have found an affordable option! *I haven’t tried printing anything too large with a lot of color yet. Will update when I do

  7. buckjunction

    These are just as good as cannon. Purchased. Two days ago and wanted to compare output so I put it to the test. Easily gets the 650 copies. I printed straight through without stopping and had not one problem. The ink reads full as stated and the level reads correctly through the usage. I would highly recommend this if you are tired of paying cannons bloated prices.

  8. PT

    This is the second time I’ve purchased in from YoYoInk. The first time, the ink cartridges performed flawlessly. However with this purchase, the printer would not recognize the cartridges. I tried installation 4 times, including a reboot of the printer and computer, with no success. I had to purchase the manufactures ink to compte the project I was working on. I was just going to chalk it up to a bad batch, but got an email from YoYoInk asking about the product. Told them about the problem and they immediately refunded the purchase. They had also offered to replace the ink. Great customer service

  9. Darkyuy

    Awesome product. It worked perfectly in my cannon printer. No issues and had no trouble viewing the ink cartridge like I have had with other generic products. Will definitely be buying from them always.

  10. Allison

    I love this ink. The first time I used it, my printer didn’t want to recognize it, so it took a bit to get it to work, but after it did, it worked great. Now I use this ink exclusively because it is such a great price.

  11. azwriter

    I have tried a number of options for re-manufactured ink cartridges before, and had very disappointing results. I decided to try YoYoInk based on the reviews and I am extremely happy with them and have ordered them more than once. The quality is excellent and they last a long time. I will continue to order them and I’m glad I found this more economical product.

  12. William Morgan

    Both inks came in a small professional looking package, with no leaked ink or any other flaws. Installed both with no trouble at all, and my Canon printer had no issue recognizing the cartridges, which can be an issue sometimes with ink from other suppliers. Test prints, photos, and text pages have all come out without any flaws. Thanks!

  13. JPD NM

    The ink cartridges fit right in and started to work immediately. Often times, a re-manufactured ink cartridge does not register with the canon printer and still shows that the printer is out of ink. Not this time…working perfectly.

  14. glen wilcox

    Color cartridge worked fine. Black cartridge ink gauge on printer read half solid, a quarter partial, and a quarter with nothing. The black ink gauge n the computer screen read half solid and half with nothing. After installing black cartridge, smudges appeared on pages. Performed all cleaning functions and vacuumed printer but nothing worked. Finally I waited several hours and the ink must have dried up. I reran all cleaning functions and the smears are gone. I guess the black cartridge had a small leak. Worst part was I got black ink on my hands and the Lava soap ain’t removing it. I did like the price and the companies literature asking to contact them first. I emailed them 2 days ago, no response. I still have some ink in my old black cartridge so I will return this. I suspect I just got a bad cartridge since there are some many positive reviews of the ink cartridges. *** UPDATE: seller gave full refund plus let be keep the ink cartridges ***

  15. Sarah

    I was in the middle of printing baby shower invitations when I ran out of ink. I searched Amazon, Walmart, Staples, and any other online store I could think of and these had the best price and good reviews so I took a chance with these off brand inks. They arrived in two days like promised, so I could finish up my invitation printing, and they fit my printer (Canon PIXMA MX472 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet) perfectly! I just loaded them in there and hit print, no issues whatsoever! And the prints looked better than the ones from the original printer ink! I printed 20 pages of very colorful invitations with a blue background on card stock paper and they all looked great, no sign of low ink when finished. I’m sure I’ll be buying these from this seller from now on.

  16. Jared Reynolds

    After the first cartridge developed an issue, YoYoInk went above and beyond to correct it. Very satisfied with their customer service. The second cartridge is functioning as expected and I would order from them again in the future.

  17. Historian

    After years of using Canon cartridges exclusively, I’ve now tried YoYoInk cartridges in two different Canon printers (MX310 and MX430). I have had zero problems with YoYoInk. They come sealed well, install just like Canon cartridges, and then I JUST START PRINTING! No need to recalibrate and the ink levels appear correctly. This double pack saved me a lot of money!

  18. happy_mom

    Product came very promptly. No problems installing cartridges and now sooo happy found a company that delivers these kind of cartridges. Affordable and works very well with printer… Thank you Yoyo ink!

  19. BrittNae

    Fast shipping, packaged well, great product. Have ordered before and will continue to order again.

  20. Peter

    I was hesitant at first at going with a remanufactured cartridge as opposed to the canon, but ink prices have gotten so crazy over the years that as a small business we needed to save wherever we could. I’ve ordered probably a couple dozen cartridges thru yoyo ink and haven’t gotten a bad one yet. No complaints here!

  21. minali

    This has lasted a while and I am a teacher who prints very often!

  22. rusev

    Item worked as described. Recommended.

  23. subbt

    Its a pretty good alternative to the actual cannon ink for the price. Colors are correct color maube not as bright but im not doing any projects that require color to bright. Just some small home projects. Very satisfied overall.

  24. sindara


  25. mitali

    order and print away—

  26. sommani

    Had for a month and so far they work just fine. Hopefully they last a long time!

  27. dasbim

    I bought the black YoYoInk cartridges for a Canon MX-512 printer. The ink appears to be flowing but I am getting a lighter shade of ink than before. Not a big issue since these are refills. Good value overall. Not a deal breaker. I cannot answer the longevity question because we just started using it.

  28. abigail.peaker

    The ink worked once with my compatible printer then stopped working the next day…

  29. tim.metcalfe

    Works well, can easily replace for up to 2 years. Great customer service.

  30. thomas.tucker


  31. una.miller

    Wow. It is a great product. If you are home office guy it really will save you a lots of money. Sure will buy it again.

  32. dominic.mackenzie

    This ink got the job done for us. It is nice to have an alternative to the high priced stuff. Good stuff. I would buy again when the time comes.

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