Brother LC103 XL Compatible Printer Ink Cartridge High Yield : 4 Black, 2 Cyan, 2 Magenta, 2 Yellow (10 Pack)

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Brother DCP Series
Brother MFC MultiFunction Printers


Brother LC103 XL / LC103 Compatible Black Printer Ink Cartridges


10 PACK (4x LC-103XL Black, 2x LC-103XL Cyan, 2x LC-103XL Magenta, 2x LC-103XL Yellow) – (Est. Page Yield – 600 Pages for each color). Brother LC103, LC103 Ink, Brother Ink LC103, LC103BK, Brother LC103 Ink Cartridges.

YoYoInk is a top seller for Compatible Brother LC103 XL / LC103BK Printer Ink Cartridges. These printer ink cartridges are of the highest quality as YoYoInk strives for excellent customer satisfaction with all its products. The  LC103 XL / LC103BK Printer Ink Cartridges come with a money back, customer satisfaction two year guarantee.


YoYoink includes a smart chip with each of their ink cartridges. This help you easily track ink levels, which decrease your chances of running out of ink when printing important documents. No messy low ink alert messages.

BRILLIANT PRINT QUALITY for Compatible Brother LC103 XL / LC103 Black Printer Ink Cartridges

When you choose to use YoYoink cartridges, you are getting a top quality ink at a fraction of the price. These cartridges are designed to give you printing results that are true to color, resistant to fading for years, smudging and bleeding. You can safely trust these ink cartridges to print important documents, true-to-life photos, vivid images, and laser quality text.

YOYOINK PROMISE for Compatible Brother LC103 XL / LC103 Black Printer Ink Cartridges

We believe in the quality of our products, and that is why we offer a 2 year no hassle warranty. If you are not fully satisfied with your ink cartridge purchase, return it to us for a 100% Money Back Guarantee. To ensure our consumers are receiving the best products on the market, we remanufactured our ink cartridges to meet or even exceed OEM specifications.

PROTECTING THE FUTURE for Compatible Brother LC103 XL / LC103 Black Printer Ink Cartridges

YoYoink is a proud manufacturer of recycled ink cartridges. Not only does it help cut costs for consumers, it also decreases the amount of waste going into a landfill. Go Green.

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Brother LC103, LC103 Ink, Brother Ink LC103, LC103BK, Brother LC103 Ink Cartridges.

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16 reviews for Brother LC103 XL Compatible Printer Ink Cartridge High Yield : 4 Black, 2 Cyan, 2 Magenta, 2 Yellow (10 Pack)

  1. William Breckenridge

    Fits perfectly. Is exactly as described. Color/tint is good. Pictures printed on photo and regular paper look good. I will order this again and recommend this to all.

  2. InnocentBystander

    What a fantastic find for me. I hate having to spend so much money on freakin’ INK. I am a teacher, and I print a lot of crap. As of recently, I’ve had to work predominantly at school, instead of at home (yes, teachers continue working long after school lets out for the day!), which has been kind of annoying. I just couldn’t justify spending $60 for ink. I got a Brother J4510 DW last year, and it uses a decent amount of ink. It came with some thankfully, and it actually lasted a decent while, but I eventually ran dry and needed more, and got sort of rebellious about spending so much for ink that I just boycotted the whole thing. I kind of felt bad that I wasn’t using the printer, so I went to Amazon looking for ink, ready to spend $60. Then I found this company selling this fabulous little bundle pack. The ink cartridges for these Brothers are very different from most printers, so I imagine that is probably only of the only “knock off” brands that are out there. The ink cartridges came all sealed up in that air tight plastic stuff. They installed easily. The printer recognized them smoothly and I test printed– a success. Crystal clear. Thank you yoyoink… I will absolutely become a returning customer.

  3. Joe User

    Works with DCP-J152W Firmware Version E. Later firmware versions disable the use of many third party ink tanks like this. Color and quality are visually the same as the Brother starter tanks the printer came with. Printer was purchased from Amazon on Dec 1st, 2014. If you purchase this printer you may have a higher firmware version, so check that before you order. You can always email the folks at YoYoInk to see if your firmware is compatible, even though the printer is listed as compatible. This is good ink and I will buy more from this company when my current stock runs low.

  4. Teri from NY

    I had some issues with the cartridges at first, but the company stood behind their product 100% and coached me through several e-mails with tips to resolve my issues. I was impressed because the usual response from so many sellers is “too bad, so sad”. Not so with YoYoInk. They couldn’t have been more helpful — they even sent a follow-up e-mail to make sure I was still happy with my purchase. Some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, a bit of cleaning of the inkjet, a bit of wiggling, and the cartridges worked fine. A tip for some users: when all else fails, pop the chip from the top of the cartridges that came with your Brother printer, pop off the chip on the YoYoInk cartridge and replace it with the original OEM chip. I got that tip from another reviewer, not YoYoInk.

  5. KBA

    This is my second time ordering this ink and overall, I am fairly satisfied with how the ink works with my Brother MFC-J870DW printer. The first set that I ordered worked flawlessly. The only issue that I had was that after not printing for a while, the printer heads kind of clogged up. I don’t know if this was due to the ink, or just lack of use. However, simply using the cleaning function on the printer fixed it up and everything worked fine again. After I ran out of ink, it was a no-brainer to order YoYoInk again. This order has been a little more troublesome unfortunately. Right off the bat, I noticed that the cartridges mostly all looked different. No big deal however, as long as they work I don’t care that they are different looking. Unfortunately, I have had issues with a couple of the cartridges. Once I plugged in the new Cyan cartridge, the printer read it as nearly empty and was instantly giving a warning. But, the printer was working, even though it thought it was low on cyan. After a few weeks, I got around to trying to fix the issue, and ended up making it worse. Now the printer doesn’t even recognize the Cyan cartridge, even though there is clearly still ink in it. Also, I tried taking out the Magenta that was low, just to examine the back end of the cartridge, and now the printer won’t recognize this cartridge either. The reason that I’m rating this four stars instead of lower is because the customer service has been great and attentive so far. It is apparent that they care. I emailed them when I first had the issue with Cyan cartridge, and they responded quickly with some tips on how to fix the issue. They also initially reached out to me asking how I liked their product. I will update the review based on if I can get the ink working or not. Also, there is one thing that I don’t like about these cartridges, and maybe even the genuine Brother inks do this as well, but it’s been a while since I’ve used those. You can see in the picture, that there is a yellow tab on the cartridge that you have to pull before inserting the ink in the printer. This tab covers a small hole in the side of the cartridge, and if the ink has been laying on it’s side with the hole face down, or if you accidentally squeeze the cartridge after the tab has been removed, or while removing it, then you will likely ooze ink out and make a mess. Now that I know to watch for it, I generally don’t make much of a mess, but the first couple of times I’d accidentally squeeze ink out of the side and some ink on my hands and desk. Overall, these seem to be a decent ink product. The cost of these justifies buying them over the actual printer ink, in my opinion. As long as you don’t mind dealing with some hiccups with the cartridges.

  6. Wylde007

    So far so good. Product recognized immediately on MFC-J6920DW. I only swapped the black cartridge and put the others away for future use. I ran a test print from the console and everything appears to be functioning appropriately. As a point of note to users: My printer told me I should replace SOON. Having read varying reports regarding this product’s compatibility specifically with the 6920 I decided to “test” the new cartridge on arrival. My thought was to ensure that the printer would accept it and then put the old cartridge BACK into the printer to use the rest of the ink. Three unsuccessful tries and I gave up. When I put the new YoYoInk cartridge back in place it still recognized it as a “new” cartridge. So my suggestion, from my experience, is that this product DOES WORK with the MFC-J6920DW. No need for further testing.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This is one of the few aftermarket cartridges that my brother MFC-j870DW will work with. The printer still says it does not recognize the cartridges so ink volume does not register properly (like with all after market cartridges). The difference is that I can disregard the message and it still works properly. On other company cartridges, I had to remove the chip from an old genuine Brother cartridge and place it on the aftermarket cartridges. However, I do not have to do that with these cartridges. They seem to work fine. Time will tell if the other 4 (I purchased 5) work as well.

  8. PK S

    I had some reservations about buying a non-original brand of ink cartridges. Anyway, since the price was so reasonable. I decided to risk it and placed the order. The package arrived very fast and at a glance, the cartridges looked well made. About 2 weeks after receiving the product, I replaced the original black ink cartridge with one from this replacement set. I was almost afraid to check the results, but when I fired up the pc and the printer, I was pleasantly surprised that the printer actually accepted this replacement cartridge without any fuss. Then I printed out about 25 sheets of paper with mostly black text and some color pictures. The printed documents came out perfect. In the past week or so, I have printed out a total of about 40 pages of black text documents – so far all is great. Note that I have yet to swap the color cartridges in my printer, but now I don’t expect there to be any issue with these cartridges.

  9. Eric J. Bowden

    First off, I’m using a Brother MFC-J6920DW multifunction inkjet printer. I bought this ink two months ago (in preparation for my stock-with-printer cartridges to run out)–I’ve replaced all the colors and black at this point and am happy to say that everything’s working well. The one quirk I noticed is that you need to insert the cartridge twice in order for the printer to register the cartridge as present (the first time it’s inserted punctures the thin plastic bubble on the feed to the printer, the second time lets the cartridge seat better–no need to play any tricks with replacing the chip on the cartridge). Other than that, the ink works well (i.e., I’ve not noticed any particular differences in print quality between the stock cartridges and the YoYoInk ones), thus I plan to continue to use these instead of OEM “cost an arm and a leg” cartridges. P.S. I’ve not actually run one of the new cartridges dry yet so I can’t comment on how accurate the ink-meter is. P.P.S. Be careful to not place your finger on the hole exposed after pulling the plastic strip off the side–you will get ink on your fingers if you do.

  10. Mara Tirsis

    I just received my cartridges and hurriedly plugged in a black one to print a bunch of documents I need for a meeting this afternoon. After reading other reviews, I was mindful of the possibility of leaky ink so I opened the plastic gingerly and extracted the cartridge as gently as possible with no spills or any other other problems. After inserting it and closing the ink compartment, I was happy to see that my printer immediately acknowledged the new cartridge. I test printed a variety of pages and am happy with the results since I can’t tell the difference between this or the more expensive actual Brother ink. For the record, my model is an MFC-J475DW.

  11. LBeverly

    These work great for my Brother MFC-J450DW. The most troubleshooting I’ve had to do is, after inserting a brand new cartridge, the printer will say it can’t detect it, and I’ll just pop it out and pop it back in. I have no idea why, but I think it has something to do with the printer, as it’s happened with all ink cartridges I’ve ever tried. I think these packages are much easier to open and install than the official ink cartridges as well. You simply open the box, open the plastic using the notch on the side, and pull off the tape that says “pull”. The original cartridges have an orange cradle that you’re supposed to twist off, which isn’t difficult, but doesn’t seem as comprehensive. I have had zero problems, thus far, and plan to purchase these ink cartridges again.

  12. arnoldtoolman

    Packaged very well. Received the ink cartridges yesterday installed this morning. No problems installing the cartridges and the printer recognized them, printer shows them as full and the printing with them looks very good. So far there seem to be no issues. FOLLOW-up Well i’ve been using these cartridges for about 2 weeks now, I find the color to be crisp and they appear to be as good as the brother ink. The main thing I found is once the yellow tape is removed don’t even think about tilting the cartridge on it’s side or you’ll have ink over you.(from the vent hole) aside from that I like them. AFTER USING THESE CARTRIDGES FOR A FEW MONTHS I HAVE CHANGED MY REVIEW TO 3 STARS. THE COLOR CARTRIDGES PRODUCE GOOD COLOR AND HAVE WORKED VERY WELL HOWEVER, THE BLACK CARTRIDGES( BOTH OF THEM) HAVE PREFORMED POORLY GIVING LESS THAN SATISFACTORY RESULTS. ALSO WHEN YOU REMOVE THESE CARTRIDGES FROM YOUR PRINTER YOU MUST BE VERY QUICK TO PUT THEM IN A PLASTIC BAG BECAUSE THEY LEAK INK I WOULD NOT REPURCHASE THESE CARTRIDGES AGAIN.

  13. C

    This ink fit my printer very well. I have a Brother MFC-J475DW and this ink fits well, the installation is simple. You simply remove the tab and push it into the port. The printer port breaks the seal and automatically detects the ink. Rarely, do I have issues with the printer detecting it. The one time I did have issues, I manually removed the film covering the area that connects to the printer and it worked fine after that. The quality of this ink is good. By good I mean, I can’t tell the difference. I haven’t experienced drying, clumping, or fading. It runs smoothly and bold. The best part of this is longevity. I just had to repurchase this ink after the first order ran out. It has been two years! I’m a student that prints frequently, so this surprised me. At this price for 2 years of use, you can’t beat that.

  14. juliegonzales

    We were OUT of ink AND $$ !! Lol! There is no more frustrating feeling for me than being almost broke and needing to print a document in order to get paid, but I’m out of ink! Ok, I could go to Kinkos-WAY ACROSS TOWN- but why? Ink shouldn’t cost so much. I needed ink quick, so I went to three big box office stores only to find super high (@$40-50) prices for a set of all of the colors together which I really didn’t need. I only needed black ink. So, Amazon it is. I placed two orders from two vendors to see who arrived first. These guys said 3 days, I think but they arrived the VERY NEXT DAY!! The cartridge looked a little fragile but they’ve been going strong and printing up a storm for @ 3 weeks!! These guys are awesome!!! I highly recommend!!

  15. Jill M. Williams

    yoyoink is?awesome it has worked great you do as the?directions tell you to do so far I have had absolutely no issues with the ink yoyoink is going to be my ink frontier for now on it has been match my printer well the price you cant beat not at all brothers ink at four cartridges?is pricey this was a blessing?I have already told so many people about yoyoink and I will continue to keep telling those around me about there ink they cant be beat great product awesome price .

  16. Steven Jung

    The inks are great! They’re easy to install, all you need to do is open the printer and replace where the previous cartridges were obviously. They work great and I had no problems with them whatsoever. When I checked the ink cartridge levels on my computer they showed full. They arrived quickly too. The brother LC103 ink is perfect since we use the MFC-J6720DW printers at the office.

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