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  • Ink for Multi Pack: 05A, 05X, 11A, 11X, 125A, 12A, 13A, 13X, 14A, 14X, 15A, 15X, 16A, 204A, 27X, 304A, 35A, 36A, 38A, 39A, 42A, 42X, 45A, 49A, 49X, 51A, 51X, 53A, 53X, 55A, 55X, 61X, 64A, 64X, 70A, 90A, 90X, C4127X, C7115A, C7115X, C8061X, CB435A, CB436A, CB540A, CB541A, CB542A, CB543A, CC364A, CC364X, CC530A, CC531A, CC532A, CC533A, CE255A, CE255X, CE390A, CE390X, CE505A, CE505X, CF214A, CF214X, CF510A, CF511A, CF512A, CF513A, Q1338A, Q1339A, Q2612A, Q2613A, Q2613X, Q5942A, Q5942X, Q5945A, Q5949A, Q5949X, Q6511A, Q6511X, Q7516A, Q7551A, Q7551X, Q7553A, Q7553X, Q7570A
  • Colors Included: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • Superior Quality that resists fading, smudging and bleeding
  • Contains Smart Chip technology to track ink levels

HP Q2612A 12A Black Compatible Toner Cartridge (2 Pack)

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