HP Envy 4512 Ink

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Save money while enjoying superb print quality by opting with our low-cost and high-quality compatible HP Envy 4512 printer ink. We use advanced engineering and premium materials in creating remanufactured HP 63 cartridges that deliver exceptional prints and reliable performance. They install easily and work flawlessly with your HP 4512 for outstanding results, just like genuine HP ink cartridges.

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  • Ink for HP Envy 4512 : 63, 63XL, F6U63AN, F6U64AN
  • Colors Included: Black, Colors
  • Superior Quality that resists fading, smudging and bleeding
  • Contains Smart Chip technology to track ink levels
HP Envy 4512

HP 63 XL High Yield Color Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridge

1 PackHigh Yield

Color: 330

63, 63XL, F6U63AN

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HP 63 XL High Yield Black Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridge

1 PackHigh Yield

Black: 480

63, 63XL, F6U64AN

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Reg. Price $34.41

Avg. Price Per Cartridge: $34.41 each

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36 Month Shield Life
2 Year Warranty
Easy to Install

How to Change Your HP Envy 4512 Ink Cartridges


  1. Press the Power button to turn on your HP Envy 4512. Please ensure to connect the Power Cord to a suitable power outlet before you begin.

  2. Open the Input Tray and insert a stack of plain white paper inside the tray. Adjust the paper width towards the edges of the media and then push the Input Tray back into the printer.

  3. Open the Ink Cartridge Access Door by raising it using the cutouts at the sides of the device. This action will prompt the Carriage to move towards the proper cartridge access area. Wait for the Carriage to stop before you proceed.

  4. Locate the Empty Ink Cartridge and then release it from its slot by raising the Cartridge Cover. Pull out the Empty Ink Cartridge from its slot after releasing it.

  5. Ready the New Ink Cartridge and peel it off from its packaging. Tear the tab from the New Ink Cartridge to take out the plastic taping. Avoid touching the Ink nozzles and contacts to prevent possible ink problems and electrical damages.

  6. Grab the New Ink Cartridge at the sides with its Nozzles facing the Carriage and then insert the tank into the empty slot. Remember to load the Tri-Color Ink Cartridge into the left slot and the Black Ink Cartridge into the right.

  7. Close the Cartridge Cover. Please make sure to lower it down until it latches into place.

  8. Shut the Cartridge Access Door. From the printer control panel, tap Continue and then tap OK. The HP Envy 4512 will start printing an alignment page.

  9. After the printer ejects the alignment page, open the Scanner Lid. Place the alignment page on top of the Scanner glass with its print side facing down.

  10. Shut the Scanner Lid, and the HP Envy 4512 will begin aligning the ink cartridges. Tap OK from the control panel, and the printer is now ready for regular use.

Recommended Cartridges for HP Envy 4512 Ink:
63, 63XL, F6U63AN, F6U64AN

Frequently Asked Questions for HP Envy 4512 Ink Refill


  1. What is HP Envy 4512 ink cartridge number?

    You can quickly identify HP ink cartridges, including those for the HP Envy 4512, through their cartridge numbers. The HP 4512 standard black HP 63 ink cartridge number is F6U62AN, while the standard tri-color ink cartridge is F6U61AN. Its high yield black HP 63XL ink cartridge number is F6U64AN, and its high yield tri-color is F6U63AN.


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