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  • Compatible High Yield Canon CLI-42 Printer Ink Cartridge (8-Pack)

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    Our Price: $39.95 $29.95
  • Compatible High Yield Canon 250XL, 251XL Printer Ink Cartridge (20-Pack)

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    Our Price: $58.95
  • Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG245XL CL246XL High Yield (2 Black, 1 Color; 3 Pack)

    Compatible Printer
    Our Price: $65.95
  • Our Price: $46.95
  • Our Price: $42.95
  • Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG210XL CL211XL High Yield (1 Black, 1 Color; 2 Pack)

    Compatible Printer
    Our Price: $39.95
  • Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-240XXL CL-241XL High Yield (1 Black, 1 Color; 2 Pack)

    Compatible Printer
    Our Price: $43.95
  • Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-240XXL 240 Extra High Yield (2 Black)

    Compatible Printer
    Our Price: $39.95
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    Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG40 CL41 (2 Black, 1 Color; 3 Pack)

    Compatible Printer
    Our Price: $48.95 $44.95
  • Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-210XL 210 High Yield (2 Black)

    Compatible Printer
    Our Price: $33.95
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  • Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for Canon PG-245XL High Yield (2 Black)

    Compatible Printer
    Our Price: $43.95

Canon Printer Ink Toner Cartridges

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Breaking News or Top Stories and intro

When it comes to everyday printing and running an office, every crisp piece of printer paper counts. And that is why most major printer brands the world over has been hustling and huddling together to brainstorm on ideas that helps save the TCO, Total Cost of Ownership, while maintaining profitability and branding of the company.
Canon’s been in the game since 1976 after introducing AE-1 to the world. In more recent news, Canon picked up press interest with their new line-up of Canon Pixma G5050 and G6050 because of its claim of low-TCO ‘Megatank’.
With eagle-eyed consumers looking on, that’s what the press highlights.
The said printers were designed specifically for SMEs and home offices and reviewers have awfully nice things about it. The Canon printer brand has grown by leaps and bounds, with the Pixma brand leapfrogging ahead by straddling the divide between traditional business models of office printing and cost-effective, environmentally-sustainable demands.

Cartridge Cash Cows Mooing a Different Tune Price-Wise

It’s no secret that printer inkjet cartridges make up the bulk of a printer company’s profit. By choosing the right printer, one that is suitable for your business model and printing expectations, a company can stretch the dollar further.
Pricked up the demand for printer models that were more economical, a printer maker changed a whole range in reaction to the new demand. Big brand names launched new ranges of eco-friendly printers at considerably heavier price tags but contained built-in refillable ink tanks. Reports reveal that they were able of printing up to 7,000 to 11,000 monochrome pages per refill depending on printer brand.
Being one of the top of the crops, Canon is joining the fray too with their own low-TCO with its own range of MegaTank printers, Canon Pixma G5050 and G6050.

How is Canon faring in the market against other giant printer brands?

Canon’s price points when it comes to printer cartridges has always remained competitive.
If a company relied on remanufactured Canon ink cartridges which are compatible with the Canon MG series (MG2120, MG2220, MG3120), the Canon MX series (MX372, MX392, MX432) and the Canon TS series (TS9020), Canon printer inkjet price will save your company a whole ton of money every month.
The new smart chip that comes with the Canon printer inkjet helps consumers easily track ink levels, alerting you so that you don’t run out of ink in the middle of printing.
When it comes to the newer Canon models, namely Canon’s MegaTank range, it can cost you approximately $165 per ink tank. What makes them stand out despite the higher-than-usual pricing is that they tend to go the distance because printers G5050 and G6050 were designed for small businesses, retailers and home offices.
Some offices have no need for color printing (like government and law offices) and prefer black-and-white printers, Canon offers the monochrome model in the form of GM2050 which comes in at nearly $178. US consumers should also look around for prices of Canon printers like the PIXMA G4210 (which uses the Canon printer cartridge 245XL black ink) which is modelled for rapid, accurate printing. 

How does other Canon printers without Megatanks stacking up against market options

First up is the Canon MX490 inkjet – this printer uses the Canon PG-245 and Canon CL-246 ink cartridges. Secondly, the Canon PIXMA MG Series – MG5720, MG5721, MG5722 – uses the Canon TS6020 ink cartridges which are huge money-savers!
In fact, the Canon MG5720 Series earned its badge of honor as one of PCmag’s editor’s pick.
Although built more for home use minus the office-centric features, its all-in-one print output was almost flawless even when compared to other models and brands within the same price range, including HP Envy 4520 and Brother MFC-J470D. The pick was somewhat of a surprise considering the fact that the Canon MG5720 provides basic all-in-one functions of printing, scanning and copying. There are no options, apart from wireless printing, for USB Type A port, printing from a memory card or PictBridge camera with a USB cable.

Lightweight Powerhouse Printers from Canon

The lightweight home printer Canon Pixma Pro-100 and its ink cartridges are also all-around winners when it comes to balancing cost with quality. Although it uses a whopping total of 8 cartridges for printing, it offers mobile printing and scanning and the ability to print and scan from iOS, Android and Windows devices.
If the Canon Pixma Pro-100 and devices are connected on Wifi and on cloud/social media like  Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook or Twitter), the world is your oyster. Priced at less than $45 per box of 8 complete colors), printing using Canon Pixma Pro-100 ink cartridges will bring the cost down by a large chunk.

Is the Canon printer the best printer for you?

Before you heave that brand new Canon printer home, consider the following things when purchasing a brand new printer, be it Canon, HP, Brother or Epson.

  • Consider maintenance – check reviews online on community sites and blogs
  • What’s the TCO and overall feature – are they what you’re looking for? There isn’t a point in buying a photo-focused printer when you’re mostly going to print documents and worksheets for your kids
  • Does it allow for replaceable printhead. We know the Canon printer inkjet is cost to consider but what about replaceable parts of the printer. Is it user-friendly enough for you to do it yourself without the help of a technician?
  • Will the thermal head clog often? Does it self-clean when it clogs?
  • Does it have a densitometer to adjust to environmental changes?
  • What kind of plug-in and modern features does it come with? Do you need it?
  • Does it have a media configuration tool for you to import custom profiles from third-party tools and software?

We hope you spend some time exploring your options before signing on the dotted line. We’re always here to answer your questions about the Canon printer cartridges offered on our website, including the Canon ink cartridges 240 and 241, Canon ink cartridges 250 and 251, Canon printer ink 245 and 246, Canon MX490 ink, Canon ts6020 ink cartridges, and the Canon PIXMA Pro-100 ink cartridges.
And remember, we offer round-the-clock customer service, prompt reply to your questions, and a cost-savings rewards program.